Random, Baby, Random!

Nothing like the taste of a brand new year-so let’s lick the tip, carefully peel back the wrapper and get it started

Over the next few…minutes? hours? days?,  I may be posting a few random bits…To be honest, I’ve had enough of the DEEP thoughts for a day or two-so I really want to keep it short and sweet. But fear not, my gloomy angels, I’ll be spreading more melancholic pensiveness soon enough.

For now, on with the Randomness

 THE hardest working man in music, (who deliciously spoils his fans often), mentioned a holiday gift around Christmas. I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t checked his site countless times since-just in case he’d updated in regards to this  gift-and yesterday he did. Believe it or not, Not just anything holds my attention so tightly, so well done Mr. R-now, give up the goodswhatever those goods may be!


I’m working on a new piece for music that was kindly sent to me last week (Thanks again, J!). This piece of music is in a completely new direction for me, but there’s something  beautifully sinister about it. Yesterday, while in the shower, (one of the BEST places to meet with the muse for some reason), I finally found the words-(or some of them rather) for this music. So today, I hope to work on it a bit more and I’ll let you know what comes of it in the next few days.


Here’s a new picture-well, a glimpse of a picture, really. It’s my new Yahoo Messenger photo-a bit low key..but I like its…purity(?).




 IN CASE you haven’t downloaded my 2008 CD yet, go get it-I think it’s a great compilation of what I listened to and where my head was in 08′ – though I’ve regretted not adding 4 or 5 other songs  that were just as vital as the ones that did make it to the compilation.

Finally, for you fellow morbid dolls, I thought you’d like this-it actually made me giggle a few times.

My Favorites are C, L, M and N.

AND  ‘Y’ SO reminds me of someone who’s sitting in the room with me right now…

Randomly Yours



2 Replies to “Random, Baby, Random!”

  1. I have to agree with you about Y, although I really like X too…

    I really enjoyed the CDs… I think you did a great job of not only putting the important songs from the year on there, but also just making a great mix of music! Thanks 🙂

    As for ‘purity’… Well, it’s elxy if you ask me 😀

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