Unsavory (download)

After a few days of sound probs, we’re back in business.

Here’s a new piece, which came to me in the blink of an eye-and I’ll tell U more about Unsavory later. For now, here’s the words and have a listen if you want.







And so there it is, lying on the floor-helpless and aching;
No longer in its element,
Its no longer in its element.
And you stand there starving, watching this brutal beating,
Ah, it wets the palate,
this desire-dying in its infancy-
this feeds your masochistic belly.
 Though it’s a miserable taste, you love it, but  its killing you.
And you swallow those tears as you let it slip away.

Biting those holes in your lip and scratching at your heart, 
you’re viciously sated!

But tell me, does it feel good  to be alone again today?


2 Replies to “Unsavory (download)”

  1. Brilliant. The line ‘no longer in its element’, for me, is the most telling. I was afraid you were over-working this, but instead you perfected it. I should have known 🙂

    1. No longer in its element is SO exactly how ‘IT’ felt at the time. Overworking it? Maybe because I spent a few days mumbling the last few lines aloud continously until i was pleased with the flow? Yeah, I was a bit worried that i was overworking it too-but as usual, I just took the scenic route. Still not 100% satisfied with the last line, but its only a draft ATM…You know that my words are as moody as I am! Who knows, by next week, it may hardly be the same piece hiding beneath the Unsavory title 🙂 .

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