Do you feel what I feel?

Good Morning Dolls,

It’s 9:30 a.m., and I wonder what you’re doing…Are U up and at it this morning? Or maybe you’re getting ready to crash-like me? Seizing the day’s a bit overrated. I’d much rather take the night.

I wanted to leave U one of my favorite songs (EVER). Let me know what U think of the lyrics.

Thank U for the happy emails over the last few days. U are brilliant!

Writing’s been going well-I worked most of the night-let’s hope the lucky streak continues.

So, that’s it for now, me thinks. If you ARE up and at it, have a nice day-and if you’re just going to bed,  sweet dreams & all of that good stuff.


Because you’re real…



4 Replies to “Do you feel what I feel?”

    1. Oh yeah, I absolutely LOVE this song! I can easily say it’s definitely in my top twenty favs. The lyrics are simple, but Oh-So- Effective, aren’t they? (Because You’re real…)
      -Not to mention the music is gorgeous too.
      Thanks for turning me on to it ages ago!

    1. Hello Frank,
      I’m still having trouble with the rar file-when I open it, or attempt to open it, I still get “File not valid” I feel like picking the rar up and shaking it a bit-like “What do ya mean ‘Not Valid’?” Maybe you could save me from rar homicide by putting it up on Media Fire or something? I mean as individual songs? I’ve used Media Fire lately for several things, and its great! I’ve even turned a few people onto it as well-Perhaps I should be the new Media Fire spokesperson or something? Think they’ll pay well? Doubt it, since its a free service 🙂
      Thanks for resending it once already.

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