Some luck from a Gypsy?

They say it’s not what you buy from the Gypsy, but the wish that comes with what you buy that brings you good fortune. SO-even if you don’t have a thing for Living Dead Dolls, have a look anyway, and if you buy one, I’ll give you a pretty damned good wish too-how’s that sound?

Now that I’m settled in, I really want to sell these guys. A few months ago, I sold Inferno and Macumba, although I haven’t updated the page yet, but the rest are still looking for a good home. So, have a look, and if you know someone who likes odd, yet adorable, sweet things (which probably means U, or you wouldn’t be here), pass on the link, please. At the moment, these darlings are taking up the entire coat closet shelf-and I really want to get rid of them, (before I get re-attached to them). At this point, I’d MUCH rather have (and basically need) the money-so go LOOK at them, and buy one…or two or TEN!! Besides, how many people do ya’ think get a free wish from L? Not too many, Sweetie, so you better get it while U can…


Miss Gypsy-Heart



P.S. By the way, I’m warming up to blogging again-so beware, you might be seeing a bit more of me.


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