Desperate, But Not Serious

Or Navel to Neck…or Libertine (still one of my very favorite songs). I would love to do an Adam Ant song! Obviously no one can do Mr Ant justice with a cover, but I’d love to do a stripped down, sleazy cover of one of these songs anyway. 

After all, falling asleep most nights as a teenage girl looking at this picture certainly inspired me, I think:


Look Guys, I know I haven’t posted in ages, but I’m here now, right? So, let’s just pretend that I was never away-never trying to sort my head out, never trying to sleep away issues, and let’s pretend that this season-and this whole Christmas thing hasn’t got me wrapped tightly in a ball of self-loathing-Let’s forget that it’s snowing (and no, not a lovely ‘White Christmas’ snow-just a sporadic bitch-snow), let’s forget that I’m a bit broke and feeling so low down and let’s just be friends, play nice & have a good time, ok?

I need to get into a new project, and writing…sitting here, trying to write in the freezing cold  isn’t going anywhere. I need to vocalize…I need to scream, or at least sing loudly…and screaming isn’t an option in my apartment…But I have a tiny spare bathroom begging to be a studio.


It’s SO bloody cold, where’s my nice, sandy beach?!!!!

Your Moody, Grey, Mean and Restless Lucia

  (aka Mr Claus’ Nightmare Libertine Girl)



2 Replies to “Desperate, But Not Serious”

  1. Oh that DID make me feel LOADS better.

    Heeeey-this place IS pretty safe (unless U venture into the woods-which is officially “Deliverance”: ‘squeal like a pig territory’!)

    Tell me, when will everyone learn that politics and religion aren’t compatible bed fellows?? I should stop there or I’ll end up giving you risque examples of incompatible bed fellows and that might be too shocking for some of my more ‘sensitive’ readers, right??

    Congrats-U made me smile, Frank!

    By the way, it’s great to hear from you again -So U better not disappear for months on end anymore!(Or ELSE…)

  2. Hey 13 –

    Good to see you back, even if briefly. I heard some good news about Kentucky recently — maybe this will make you feel better. It seems that KY’s homeland security office is legally required to promote the idea that KY’s safety depends on almighty God above all.

    What a hoot! You should be proud!

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