I know, I know..

I know, I SO need to update.
I haven’t been on line lately, which is strange-considering how easy it would be for me at the moment. I think I needed to take a break-recover from the Hell I’ve been through over the past couple of years and its taken me a few weeks to realize that the things that did harm me can no longer harm me. So, I know that I haven’t done emails and I’m sorry for taking so long. I’ll come around-I promise-just hold on-and NO, I disagree with “Happiness=lack of inspiration”. That’s not the case at all-and btw, why don’t you tell me-what IS happiness??

I’ve written quite a bit over the past few weeks-sometimes, I just really need to get away from the distractions. I’ll leave something a bit more interesting in a day or two.

 I received this amazing song a few days ago-it’s so cool when people ‘get’ where I’m coming from. Thank U-I love it.
Have a listen to this-it’s Jesusbrilliant!

your nearly recovered black-haired girl (once again!)                   luci



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