Just when you think she’s gone for good…

Your good time gal creeps up the stairs and slips back into our Sanctum again.


Did U miss me? I  mean really miss me?

It’s SO good to be back, and I have SO much to tell you-but for now, I’ll give you the most important news-I am in our new place!!!! It was a lot of hard work-and my ex-spoiled booty, who had grown accustomed to paying meatheads to move my possessions up and down a kazillion stairs had to play ‘common people’ and do it herself-although to be honest, I did more unpacking than actually moving the stuff. Anyway, here I am-AND I have my beloved broadband, and life is sweet!


So, for all of you morbid dolls, I am NOT dead, and I didn’t slip away for good-and now that the majority of the unpacking is finished, I can talk your ears off! I’ve managed to discover some great music, and I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. I’m am SO looking forward to getting back to work on some spoken pieces. I wrote something last week that I may record-which means using the half bath-because its nice and quiet and the acoustics are brilliant. Also, I’ll eventually get to work on uploading better quality downloads for U and leaving you more frequent mp3 treats.

So, it’s after 5 in the morning and I’ve spent the past several hours watching old Robert Smith interviews and now I’m off to read before crashing. I really can’t tell you how much better life is-but fear not-I’m not going to start writing about sunshine and birdsong anytime soon-unless it’s something like birds shriek with wicked delight  as the rain clouds slaughter the hideous, bastard sun.

Your eternal Dark Angel-who just happens to smile and even laugh a bit more these days…

~13 (aka Birdmad Girl)


P.S. Thanks for sending me goodies while I was away-I’m doing emails tomorrow, and now I can finally send U something for a change!


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