“She doesn’t have anything you want to steal…”


“…Well, nothing you can touch”

Hi. I’ve been sick as Hell, but I’m finally feeling better. For now, I’m leaving you a ‘Lucia soundtrack song’. This song became an even bigger favorite once I was older and realized what it was really about and for better or for worse and for multiple reasons, it’s definitely one of my favorites. I went with a great cover by  Social Distortion, and even if you’re sentimental and don’t like covers, You’ll probably still enjoy this-although the ending is a bit too sudden… and unfortunately, I can’t find a copy that isn’t.

 Here ya go, enjoy it while I go have a nap, and then perhaps I’ll leave something a bit more interesting for you when I wake up-not to mention, I really MUST tell you about the book I’m reading at the moment. Thanks for the get well wishes– tomorrow I’m making curry-so all of you well-wishing Sweeties are invited for dinner, how’s that sound??
Your (still sorta) sick, but definitely still alive & kicking girl,


P.S. I’m considering switching back to my old blog theme, AND I am really considering a photo blog or at least a photo page…I’ll tell you more about it later-but if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


This is it, That’s the end of the joke..



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