“What’s REALLY up with L.?”

OK, so the devilish clan has spoken and you REALLY didn’t like the green theme, did you? And YES, there was no longer a silly Lucia photo in the header, so I’ve added one in the sidebar for now… I’m always surprised at how open and comfortable you are with expressing just how you feel about me and my blog. Trust me, I don’t mind at all-but I DID say that the theme was temporary, remember?? While we’re at it, I’ve had a handful of you express concern with my latest spoken pieces-because “They seem to lack the emotion behind the written pieces “. Well, here’s the deal: My microphone is complete Shitethat’s IT; There’s nothing any more seriously wrong with me than there was three or six or twelve months ago-HONEST. Lately, everything I record comes out dreadful-as if I’m trying to swallow the microphone. Trust me, I’ve tried some incredibly strange techniques to improve the problem, but there’s been no improvement.

Now, when I’m leaving a casual audio post, I’m much less mindful of the sound quality-as I like to feel that you and I could very well be speaking via telephone; but with spoken pieces, I’m a perfectionist, and please recall that I DID say that the last piece was only a rough draft. I liked the piece and I wanted your input-but I was hoping you’d focus on what I was saying…

I hope to have everything moved to this computer soon, and perhaps this sound card will cooperate a bit better than the one I have been using. And thanks for the positive comments that you did give for “One of Those Days”-sometimes you know exactly what to say, don’t you?? (despite the fact that the volume really sucked and I sounded like an adroid!)


So the green theme is gone and for now-this is the theme I’m sticking with; There’s not a very good ‘theme’ selection, but I think this one is OK.

I should be writing emails-I know, but I feel awful-I think I may be coming down with my first cold in nearly three years. I am not happy about this, of course-especially since I go out of my way to avoid germs-but sometimes, the pesky little bastards find tiny cracks in my anti-germ fortress, and so here I am: watery eyes, pounding head, achy body, and my throat feels like I’ve been swallowing swords or battery acid…or both. So, I think the best thing I can do is get a ‘good’ night’s sleep for once, and then tomorrow, perhaps (if I don’t die in my sleep from some full blown bully germ attack on my pristine and perhaps somewhat wimpy immune system) I’ll be back around to gravedance and make mischief with you.

I really wanted to leave another sound-track song for you tonight, but I want a better version for you precious little sweeties, so I’ll try to find one by tomorrow evening for you.

For now, I’m going to sip water and suck on honey-lemon ginseng ‘throat sweets’, and pray this is one of those ‘change of season allergy attacks’, and my voice will be good enough to actually do some recording later this week.

By the way, STILL no definite word on the apartment. I know I’ve told some of you already, but for those of you I haven’t spoke to yet, the apartment had to go through two agencies (I know-this is SO crazy!), and though it’s been approved by the local landlady, she’s still waiting for approval from the official company-which makes me wonder if they really will ask for the DNA I joked about a few weeks ago. For now, I’m trying to pretend that my life is not in limbo, and perhaps actually get some writing done. Plus, I’ve been reading like mad over the last week, which has been very nice too. I’ll give you my latest book recommendations tomorrow. By the way, have a look at my doll links from a few posts back, because they’re still for sale.

Wow, I really suck as a saleslady, don’t I? I doubt I could sell water to a man whose house was on fire.

Anyway, I’m off to pop some nighttime cold medicine and hopefully sleep until I feel 100% better.

Your poor sick devil-girl

~ 13




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