Something new

Good Morning,

I thought I’d leave a quickie for you while I had the chance. Our (hopefully) future landlady is supposed to be returning from vacation today, meaning we may be able to get the keys today or tomorrow. BUT I have a strange feeling about the whole thing. Maybe it’s the pressure being put upon us by the village idiots here-They’ve offered lots of ‘going away’ treats, and it’s so bad that it’s nearly funny. I can’t think of any other time ever that I’ve been made to feel as uncomfortable as I do now. Of course being simple doesn’t mean you can’t be cunning, and cunning is something the simpletons do all too well. If, for some strange reason, the apartment doesn’t work out, I assume I will be tied and burned at the stake. Needless to say, I have butterflies-the ugly, nervous sort of butterflies…

Now, on to thinking positive, happy thoughts-it’s strange to think that I may in my new place in a week, celebrating my first week of freedom. Continue keeping your fingers crossed, and as soon as I hear some news, I shall no doubt pass it on to you-if the natives don’t throw me in an unmarked truck or van and dump me before I have the chance, of course.

Living in limbo is really irritating, and it makes doing anything-(except list making ) nearly impossible.

However, I did manage to finish the piece I began working on Thursday (Partially inspired by Sylvia Plath)-AND I recorded it yesterday (just like I said I would) however, I was waiting for some feedback-which hasn’t arrived yet, so I figured I’d go ahead and post it for you to hear (and read). It’s just a rough draft, and the volume is a bit screwy, but have a listen and tell me what you think.

Also, I had this grand idea to switch email addresses-I was originally going to switch to gmail, and I’ve sent several emails-ONLY to have a few returned and some MIA. So, if you haven’t received an email from me, then be patient-and for now, I’m sticking with my old faithful yahoo address.

My dolls are still up-so have a look, and please pass the links on to anyone who may be interested.


I think that’s it for now. By the way, thanks for the interesting feedback about the doctor/patient scenario-It was definitely inspiring

Hugs & (nervous giggles)


One of Those Days

Living Dead Dolls

Shanghai Cissy


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