My Poor, Poor Head

I woke around midnight with one of those headaches that means :
A) You have a raging cluster headache,
B) An aneurysm
C) Aliens have scrambled your brain while implanting an X-file style chip
D) Due to the general dampness, excessive mold problem, and the overall slummy feeling of this place-paired with the fact that the Ohio valley has the highest percentage of sinus-related illnesses in the country, my number must be up, and it’s time for my bi-yearly sinus trouble to show its ugly head. I was in enough pain to easily convince myself that it was::
E) all of the above.

My skull was fighting with my brain, and both were doing their damnedest to evict my eyeballs from my head. I stumbled miserably into the kitchen to ‘borrow’ someone’s pain pills and  I took one of my own lucky red sinus meds-and then waited around in the dark for a half an hour until the pain subsided…Only the pain decided it wasn’t going anywhere-it had obviously claimed squatters’ rights, So for the next four hours, I was in agony-until I took some Excedrin migraine pills, which after another hour and a half finally kicked the hell out of my raging head pain. During this painful ordeal, I was dizzy and my stomach felt like it did when I got VERY seasick once upon a time on a crowded boat ride down the Ohio River in the middle of a  hot summer’s day…
So, I spent the whole of the late night/early morning in Hell-and then early afternoon, we went for a trip to the library where once again, I was a naughty, greedy girl who checked out too many things at once (remember what I said about variety a few weeks back?? I really NEED variety), and I couldn’t make up my mind, so I got a few of all sorts, which I would tell you about now, but I’m exhausted and I can feel a slight headache creeping in again, so I’ll do it tomorrow instead. I really wanted to rent Breakfast At Tiffanys (which is one of my very favorite films ever), but some ass- face has stolen it or something, so they no longer have it unfortunately.

After my head pain subsided this morning, I also worked a bit more on the piece I mentioned yesterday, which will more than likely be a short story rather than a spoken word piece-but FEAR NOT-though it’s probably going to be a short story, I can and WILL still record it for your precious ears, so you can tell me what you think. BUT BEFORE I DO, I have a question for you:
Hypothetically speaking, let’s say there’s a therapist-a very, very level-headed therapist. IS it believable that such a safe, ‘together’ mild-mannered man could fall for a woman that’s a completely unstable person?

The phrase “An eye for an eye”  has taken on a whole new meaning for this story, and I’ll elaborate a bit more when I record it for you-which may be as soon as tomorrow (Friday) or as late as Sunday-we shall see. But I REALLY would like your input-WHAT are the odds of such a ‘Vulcan’ sort of fellow (By the way, there’s a twist which may be revealed by the end of the story) falling for a crazy, wild-woman? Trust me, I realize this sort of thing DOES happen occasionally, but if my beloved readers have a difficult time buying this story, I may ditch it and move on to the projects that I KNOW I’m SUPPOSED to be doing, so PLEASE feel free to either comment OR message me privately about this idea-and of you’ve had some sort of experience-where you’ve fallen for someone so completely different than yourself, I’d love to hear about it.

NOW, on to the dolls and the song I promised you yesterday.
Have a look at my dolls, and if you’d like to have one (or two, or three-or ALL of them!) please email me. Also, feel VERY free to pass on the link to any friends that may have an interest in these wonderful little creatures.

And for the song; My pal A, whom I met in a somewhat strange way-(all thanks to our mutual love of music and who happens to have impeccable taste in music) sent this song to me a few days ago, and it’s perfect for a strange girl like me. I REALLY could have written this wonderful song-or at least I wish I would have. Have a listen, and thanks goes to him for introducing me to a  singer who happens to be from the same state as I was born in-perhaps there’s something very special in the Indiana water that makes some girls a bit….different.

I look forward to hearing your input, and when I wake up later, one of the very first things I’m going to do is answer my email-I PROMISEunless the aliens drop by again with another chip, of course…. So here’s some more virtual love and even a GENUINE Lucia smile-now go look at my dolls, and listen to the oh-so-happy song and oh-so-accurate song I’ve left for you. 

 Your Wicked (and OH SO GROOOOOVY!!) Girl,

Living Dead Dolls

Madame Alexander

Cancer of Everything


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