‘Darkness’ comes round again

Hi Honeys, I’m home (FINALLY)

First of all-great news about my living situation: It seems that as of the second or third of September, we will be getting the keys to our new apartment!! It still feels unreal, (I only found out yesterday), so it may take a few days to sink in. Also, I now have my OWN computer again!!! So Nile is now the sole owner of the other computer (My beloved Lola,) but now there’s a new…er, old ‘new’ Lola in town. Of course this old gal doesn’t have 250 Gb, and her processor is straight out of  Bedrock-not to mention that for the moment I’m using a horrible clunky small monitor  circa 1982, but at least I AM the SOLE owner  and here I am typing away to you once again, and that’s what’s most important for the moment, right? riiiightt

I suppose I’m a total geek girl, because I really fancy the idea of ‘souping’ this sad 35 Gb runt into a Wonder Woman Uber Computer, though I’m not sure how much ‘souping’ is truly possible with ‘Lola II’, but we shall see, right?

Now, before I began rambling on in comp geek speak, I want you to know that I’ve missed you-especially the friends that I was accustomed to speaking to everyday, (or nearly everyday)-and U KNOW who U are. I really look forward into getting back into the swing of my old routines-as horrible as the word ‘routine’ usually sounds to me. Maybe I can finally begin emailing and messaging people that I hope either haven’t forgotten me or may be angry that so much time has passed since they emailed me last-Also, I’m now back on my nocturnal schedule-though that obviously isn’t going to be very convenient over the next few weeks, is it?

It’s very, very cool that you have continued to be supportive and send me great photos and music, despite the fact that I’ve been away-But here I am-home again, home again-jiggity jig, so take off work today, buy a bottle of cheap strawberry wine or something else that may please your wicked taste buds and celebrate with me…what d’ya say??

I had a pretty good weekend-I actually went out very early Sunday morning-to the deli and to buy a paper-maybe I’m just a super dork-but I absolutely love going out early in the morning (mornings are technically my evenings) on the weekend, and heading straight to the nearest deli for some nice warm fresh bread. This time it was Italian (no surprise there) with Romano
cheese. I’m also a sucker for a Sunday paper…Give me a Sunday paper-even a Sunday paper from the middle of nowhere, and I’ll be quiet, well behaved and sit still for 10 minutes or so. As horrible as it is, one of my favorite things is searching for spelling mistakes and such in the newspaper-go figure, the queen of the kazillion hyphens(—–), pregnant pauses(…..) and the comma orgies(,,,,,,,) searching for OTHER people’s mistakes… Anyway, the mistakes are abundant here in nowhere land-just inches away from terrible headlines like: Bessie the bestest milkin’ cow in the whoooooole town ain’t got no milk no more’
No, I’m NOT kidding, Sweeties-God has a sense of humor-(it’s one of the job requirements) and my terribly snarky remarks about this place must make him smile and even  occasionally giggle-why else would he have given me to the wrong tribe when I was born?

While I was in the hospital three years ago or so, suffering an oh-so-tiny breakdown, my landlord decided we must have left our very nice televisions-along with a few kazillion dollars worth of other electronics-and the wonderful art I’d collected- not to mention my beloved lamps (I’m a sucker for very unique lamps), and the silver behind “because we no longer wanted any of it” and  he claimed to have ‘thrown everything away.’ For a year, I felt this was ok, as if it were a  lesson to teach me about my old materialistic bad habits-then eventually, I just became pissed about it, and I was forced to wish a very slow, painful death upon the old windbag. Anyway, this leads me to the next topic-I have a lot of things to buy for my new apartment-and since I’m currently in the rags phase of my rags to riches to rags story, I’m going to put some of my dolls up for sale again-so check back tomorrow, and see if there’s any thing that may spark your interest-it’s for a good cause-meaning I need things like kitchen stuff-and I may be able to swing the reasonably-priced broadband I’ve discovered if I can get the somewhat hefty deposit.

My dolls have always been very, very dear to me-so they’re in VERY good condition-and you may want to pay special attention to my Madame Alexander doll-which is the only “pricey” one I’m selling-since the other “pricey” ones have already found nice homes a few years ago, (or at least I HOPE they found nice homes). If you buy one of my dollies-I’ll send you a nice handwritten note on my handmade paper from India-or something equally as neat-so like I said, have a look tomorrow.

Let’s see-what else did I want to share with you? Oh yeah, hands up-anyone who’s been to Egypt….hmmm, don’t tell me I’m the ONLY one who hasn’t danced barefoot in the Egyptian sand and enjoyed the crazy energy of Cairo. Ok, we watched a great episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations-about Egypt. Mr Bourdain somehow reminds me of a very sneaky Italian named Giorgio I knew once upon a time, so I’m reluctant to give him much of a chance, (as silly as that sounds), but I must admit-he makes me smile occasionally, and its one of the few shows I really enjoy-not to mention Egypt is such a dear place for me-dear enough to inspire me to name my firstborn (and ONLY child) NILE, so it’s always been a place I’ve planned on visiting-and perhaps staying for a short while-or even longer. When I was thirteen, a sister of a friend told me I had a very Cleopatra presence-This was, of course a huge compliment for such an insecure thirteen year-old Lucia, and this compliment strengthened my Egyptian infatuation even more-then last year, an interesting and somewhat odd spiritualist told me that I was ‘surely Cleopatra in a past life’ (which would explain my fascination with Julius Caesar wouldn’t it?)
….Wait a sec, I’m very fond of Napolean too-AND King Henry, AND Jesus…geez, what does it alll mean???Ok, let’s snap out of the new age girl mode for a sec and get back to the here and now

Earlier tonight, I was FINALLY inspired to start a new piece-so far its only a few lines, but I like the direction it’s heading-It’s not a cocky ‘Brag Rap’ piece like American Darkness, but a rather sad piece ( What?! Sad?? REALLY??? yet another surprise, eh?) So, let’s see where it takes us-I have a few titles buzzing around-maybe “An Eye For an Eye”??? Hmmm…the Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth phrase sometimes makes my blood boil-though I tend to live by it most of the time (go figure)-but tell me, where do we go when we’re all out of eyes and teeth???

By the way, guys, don’t be surprised if I ramble quite a bit over the next few days-it’s been so long since I  was able to type about all of my strange “Delerium-ish” musings-so be prepared. and it’s VERY cool that I’ve had new public comments lately… Trust me, Jim-calling me ‘one unique bit of protoplasm’ is as cool as the very sweet compliment from a dear pal: ” you’re a glorious mess”-(By the way, Hello U!) There’s been quite a few ‘very nice things’ you’ve said to me over the past few months-maybe one day I’ll return the kindness-I’ll send each of you handmade Christmas cards, or handmade jewelery-or maybe I’ll bake some cookies for you-maybe I’ll give my locks of hair away instead of auctioning them…ummm, maybe I’ll think of some other sweet ‘Thank You” instead since I’m a bit attached to the crazy hair..

I’m very solid proof that some women prefer offbeat rare compliments over the usual sweet stuff sometimes…

It finally rained overnight, and I’ve just gotten back from an early morning stroll through very fine drizzle. I love drizzly walks, and I am soooo hoping for rain all day-all week, actually. I can’t wait until Summer is finally gone and Autumn comes-I only hope he stays for a long, long while this year…

 I have so much more I want to say, but I suppose I should save it for later and go work on this Eye for an Eye business-maybe it’ll become a spoken piece- and maybe Eric can find the time to work some of his magic for me again.

Here’s tons of virtual BIG hugs for you-and thank you for not forgetting me- U Ruletotally!!

Your nocturnal Holly Golightly and Little Miss Scare-All
                                                             ~13 (aka Darkness)


P.S. My pal  ‘A’ sent me a very cool-PERFECT song yesterday which I plan on uploading later today for you-[Thank You, A, and the Paris photo was gorgeous-I’m crazy envious!]


One Reply to “‘Darkness’ comes round again”

  1. His Couldren was steaming hot, bubbling and ready to work some more of his magic over her enchanting words. He patiently stirred a little quicker in anticipation. Good to see ya back !

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