Burn and my broken treasures

See? I’m heeeeere again.

It’s very sweet when someone I’ve never met before steps out of the blog shadows to asked about me. I didn’t mean to not post for so many days, but I’ve been writing my…ummm, I’ve been writing a lot…A LOT, and I’m ecstatic with the progress I’m making on Burn at the moment.

Since I now share a computer with N, (because he somehow murdered his own computer), I can’t always just fire up Lola (yes, my computer is named after the song “whatever Lola wants”) and type the night away. Nope, not when you’re an uber cool mom, who clearly remembers being 16- and being constantly hassled to ‘get off the phone !!!’ understands that there’s a lot of teenage stuff to talk about-like the sorry state of this country, and the measly candidates we must choose from (OK, perhaps that doesn’t come up in most teenage conversations on a Saturday night, then again, most 16 year-olds aren’t like N, who’s currently teaching himself Russian and German simultaneously)

Anyway, I’m Old School for the moment, (most of the time, anyway): the old notebook and pen style. But it’s OK, because I just bought 20 notebooks last week (wide-ruled, of course), and I have some fabulous pens that actually make you want to write-not to mention they were very inexpensive (24 for $2.44!!) They’re called Cello silks and there are 5 colors: Pink being my favorite, of course. If you go shopping for pens, I highly recommend these.

Did I mention that if I weren’t a writer I’d do fairly well in consumer marketing??

I’ve written some very vital scenes, and its going so smoothly that it’s sort of scary… My brain says ‘ok, let’s talk about the airport‘, and I actually obey, no problem or hassle! I begin writing, and the words flow effortlessly. Of course this means that my brain is constantly telling the story, so when people speak to me, I’m usually oblivious to what they’re saying. This isn’t so bad, considering N and D are usually the only people that speak to me here, and they expect this sort of thing. This also means that my dinner for the evening was handful of Doritos (Cool Ranch, of course) on a napkin and a glass of flat Dr. Pepper. But I don’t have a single complaint-I’m in full mad writer-mode, and I’m determined to finish this story-finally. I’ve just checked my emails, and my apologies to you if you emailed me since Thursday, (you know who you are). I’m doing emails this morning, so if you’ve recently emailed me-and you managed to not piss me off somehow ( you probably don’t have a clue, do you?) and instead were nice and sweet, you’ll be getting an email shortly (I hate the word shortly, don’t you?)

Someone asked when I was going to post Madhouse Fancies, so I’m making a shameless plug for those of you who’ve missed it somehow. It’s right here…and I still really like it. Sometimes when I’ve finished something, I can’t stand the sight of it for a while-like disgusting leftovers of the delicious dinner from the night before, or a person you really liked once upon a time, but now you…OK, you get it-but with Madhouse and Darkness, I’m still pleased. At the moment, the same can be said for Burn. Reading over the scenes I’d already done was still satisfying. So fingers crossed that my luck continues. My goal was to finish Burn by the end of the year, but at this rate, I may be finished by Halloween.

I’ve put Madhouse Fancies on my tiny ipod, and I still absolutely love the music; Music boxes are one of my favorite things to collect, and I’ve often saved broken music boxes from being thrown away…then I take them apart and try to fix them; sometimes, I’ve succeeded in making a very eerie song from a very ordinary song and sometimes, I’ve completely failed at repairing them, but I save the pieces just in case I figure something out one day. These, of course are stored with my broken clocks and the occasional lock, somewhere in my massive dump of possessions in the storage unit I’ve mentioned before. I like to collect odd things: keys, for example-(send me your old keys and I’ll search the world for the missing locks), and lately N and I have discussed creating a gnome cemetery, because all of the gnomes around this town are either decapitated or missing limbs. I suspect it’s from their late night battles with the cats, or one another. There’s only one gnome still intact and unharmed around here, and he’s wearing a very arrogant smile these days, so perhaps I’m not just crazy and there is a gang war between the various gnomes and just maybe the felines are involved as well..Wow, it’s either much too late or much too early for me to be awake, so excuse the ramble.

My four year-old fan thinks Madhouse ‘sounds a bit scary’, but yesterday she added that “it’s very cool that my voice is ‘inside’ of mp3 players, just like Miley Cyrus”…hmm, what could I possibly say to that?

I have a few pieces that I plan to work on again soon, and then pitch to Eric, (some have been inspired by his music), and safetycopy recently played a sample of a Madhouse remix, using my original vocals, and its a surprising and very cool twist on my words, so I look forward to hearing it and putting the link up for you when he gives it to me. When I’ve added the downloads page, there will be a few odds and ends that I haven’t posted before, and hopefully it will be up in a few days. I’ll let you know, of course.

Ok, finally, a few days ago, someone emailed me for the first time and told me how ”fascinated they were with my world ‘ (and yes, I have asked for their permission to mention this and yes they’ve agreed), somehow they got the impression that my world is a “Goth lifestyle, with angry music, tattoos and piercings”…. So, while yes, my world is very…extremely dark at times, I’m not always so Goth myself… there’s no tattoos (But I used to be a henna tattoo addict) and piercings- except the typical ear piercings. For a while I was sporting a fake nose ring, which some people loved, but I felt drew too much attention to my already terrible nose, (which getting broke once upon a time made even worse.) I have NO problems with tattoos and piercings, I may get a tattoo one day-somewhere– but I have commitment phobia, so who knows? and I would really love to have a septum piercing, and I wouldn’t mind green dreads either,( Ani Difranco style) So to show you how absolutely tame I am in comparison to the strange idea some people have of me, I’ve decided to put up another photo (BDD be damned!) This, my lovelies, is the face of mad writer-mode, complete with pj’s and pigtails….a perfectly sweet girl without a single trace of darkness, right????

Ok, all BS aside, I’m not sure when I’ll post again-maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow…But I know how much I hate visiting a blog that’s only updated once a year or so, so I can assure you it won’t be too long before I’ll be back to spread some cheer again.

Love & Darkness~13


32 flavors...and then some

     ’32 Flavors…and then some’…


3 Replies to “Burn and my broken treasures”

  1. Hi Pam, I found the pens at the ‘almighty’ Walmart-the only store in this little ghost town. I believe you get 20 pens for less than $2.50! I kept the pink and purple pens and gave the green and yellow ones away as little gifts 🙂 They’re definitely the best pens I’ve ever used.

  2. I think the ‘Lucky #13 mix’ is done, so now I just need time to upload the file to my box (go on, laugh all you broadband – or even mediumband! – users) and I’ll link it here…

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