‘Luci, The Devil Girl’

See, I told you I’d post again tonight.

In the next few days, I’m going to collect all of the download links that are scattered throughout the blog, and put them on their own download page. This will make it easier for people who may not have downloaded a file initially, and would like to have another listen. AND I really need to update my ‘about’ page too, don’t I?.

Burn has been on my mind  a lot lately, which means its time to pick the story back up and see where it takes us.  Last night, I was considering writing the whole story from our beloved rock star’s point of view, because there’s something splendid about getting inside of a man’s head, and figuring out how he thinks; sort of like taking a clock apart, tinkering with it , and putting it back together so that it works even better.. But then ‘her’ voice wouldn’t be heard, and she SO needs to be heard, so it’s final- Burn will be from  both of their tortured minds. Maybe when I write a piece I think you may find particularly interesting, I’ll ask for your opinion, like I did with the comp chat excerpt.

Ok, here’s the neat Luci gift I mentioned earlier. I found a very cool devil duckie a few years ago, so Luci makes a great addition, and she’ll go next to my Living Dead Dolls (as soon as I dig them out of storage, that is).


I think that’s it  for now. I’ve been fighting with the bloody internet all night, and I’m exhausted.

                                                                      Sweet Dreams~13




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