Madhouse Fancies (Download)

Good afternoon you wicked sinners,

Last night, Eric sent Madhouse Fancies. THIS piece is my favorite so far. The words and music together make such a beautiful couple!

I’ve copied the words below, since some of you prefer that, (what demanding little beasts some of you can be!)

I’ve been out all day, and now I have a few things I must do, but I’m sure I’ll post later, (and yes, I mean it this time). I received a very cool package from my pal, Frank today-and later I’ll show you a photo of it-You have NO idea how rare it is to find anything with Luci spelled properly, rather than with a “Y”-so that makes my gift even better. Have a listen to Madhouse Fancies,  and let us know what you think, and I’ll speak to you soon. Hugs & Other Sweet Stuff~13

Madhouse Fancies

Madhouse Fancies and Viral Pleasures
keep tugging on the covers at the foot of my bed
Again I’m wrestling with sleep like a hungry stepfather,
fighting the mock death until I’m red-eyed and mad

And all around me the world begins to dance-
the walls begin to shake and the dirty yellowed ceiling cracks

My dolls begin to stir
they titter, tehee and snicker at me;
And those lights-fireflies from my childhood’s ‘killing jar’
bouncing around in the dark to the voices
that sing the perversity of Nursery Rhymes.

I whisper your name and with scared hands I search for you,
grasping for your solid warmth and your gentle dream sighs
but your fairy tales are shattering around me-crystal sleet
raining down to pick the scars-drawing my blood once again.

There’s deranged shadows from someone else’s reality
hovering heavily upon my shoulders,
And I am defeated.
So I close my eyes and sink
into the endless arms of an unfamiliar ugliness.

The dolls choke back their laughter and fall to the floor,
the fireflies fade into the guilty killing jar,
The heavy shadows slip into the wall behind my bed.

But the arms of the ugliness cling tightly to me still,
squeezing me into their dreams.
I can hear the sound of your steady breathing
and feel the curve of your body as I began to fade,
and somewhere there’s a forgotten music box,
dragging my slow song through the madhouse of my world…


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