Whispers from the Madhouse

About 4 months ago, I jotted down a line that I really liked:

‘Madhouse Fancies and Viral Pleasures keep tugging on the covers at the foot of my bed’

Then I left it stuffed in a notebook, like most of my one-liner ideas.. until last week. After American Darkness was finished, I was suddenly inspired to toy with the line, and to see what I could do with it. I had some trouble yesterday, but thanks to my somewhat new self-discipline, I stuck with it, and I’m pleased that I did. Today, I finished it, and luckily I had a few minutes to record it. Considering my microphone was being a pain, and I was on very limited time, I think it turned out well. It’s good enough for me to mention to you, so it must be decent, right? Maybe you’ll hear it soon…

By the way, NO there wasn’t a tornado that actually touched down yesterday-but there were circular clouds that can easily become a tornado-keep in mind that I’m a lousy Meteorologists, so I don’t remember the actual names of the clouds (cyclic, perhaps?) Anyway, we luckily weren’t sucked away, and really what could be worse than this place ? I already deal with a wicked witch on a daily basis…

I wanted to leave another soundtrack song because it’s been a while, and those seem to be your favorites. By the way, I’m glad Brainiac was appreciated, and I forgot to thank you for the kind words for Darkness too. So Thank You, and enjoy this song-because it never fails to make me smile. Hugs & kisses~13


Soundtrack song #5




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