Brainiac, Tornadoes, and Damned Good Lasagna

Hello Sweeties, Wanna hear about my day?

Sunday was supposed to be a very easy, peaceful day. Everyone was going out for a very long day-leaving the three of us  to enjoy the quiet, and perhaps quarrel over the internet for a while. Luckily, we’ve gotten better with sharing, so there were no quarrels. I spent the  better part of the afternoon making homemade lasagna-from scratch. I’d give you the recipe, but then there’d be a kazillion more Mama Lucias-or in this case Papa Lucias-(since girls don’t come around often), so Instead I promise to make it for you one day instead. For now, you’ll have to trust me when I say its the best damned lasagna you will ever taste.

So I’m cooking up three huge pans of lasagna-because Grandma said to always cook enough for company, and it’s a habit that I’ve inherited (which means endless leftovers), and the day was going very well. Cooking is wonderful therapy-as good as sketching or doing charcoal tombstone rubs-it’s brilliant for relieving stress, and when I have the time AND the space, I can cook anything- from curry to lasagna to homemade tacos,(even if that means buying one of those packaged taco dinners and ‘sprucing it up’ with my own personal touch).

After a fantastic, early dinner, I decided to have a little girl time, meaning dye my hair (black #1, baby!), and do my nails and a facial.[Women really MUST do this sort of thing or they’ll turn on you poor men, and that’s never pretty.] So I spent an hour pampering myself, before taking a shower. And just as I’m rinsing out the hairdye and conditioner, I feel the house shake just a bit. of course I don’t think much about it because we practically live …about 3 inches from railroad tracks (yes, yes-on the wrong side of the tracks, indeed!) So I carry on rinsing my hair, (and accidentally getting it into my eyes, which made me a bit uneasy because I began to worry that I might go blind or something.) And that’s when D begins pounding on the bathroom door. So, there I am-all soaped up, with my eyes on fire, and in order to hear what he’s saying I have to shut the water off. He calmly says something like:‘ The weather’s really strange-you need to come out now.’ At this point, all that I can think about is finishing my shower and wondering what life will be like if I really do go blind from the dye-so I say ‘ok, be right out’ and I finish my shower. As I step out of the tub, I glance out of the window and notice that the whole world has gone a strange algae green/ mustard yellow color, and the trees are bending under the wind far enough to kiss their own fannies. That’s when I realized what D meant by strange.

In case you’re an American that hasn’t spent time with a Brit, let me fill you in on a something: There are some VERY big differences between us Yanks and the Brits…I overreact, I am extremely over dramatic (surprised?) basically-too Elizabeth Taylor in my day to day life-or so I’ve been told. D on the other hand is what I call English Slow (actually, Robert Smith introduced English Slow to my vocabulary). Usually, the only thing that gets under his skin is computer issues, so imagine my surprise when I find him in the livingroom really freaking outAmerican style.

I have a HUGE fear of tornadoes-I mean bigger than big-I’m better about it than I used to be-meaning I used to keep a very close eye on the weather, and any chance of serious storms sent me searching for the ultimate safe place-which I used to believe was the underground parking lot in downtown Cincinnati. Over the last few years, I’ve toughened up-because I’ve had no choice-so while the threat of severe weather still makes the blood drain from my body into my toes, I have gotten a grip on my fear…sort of. D had just experienced his first rotating cloud, and it had really scared the Hell out of him. Through his time here in America, watching N and I doing our standard freak out about the threat of tornadoes, he really couldn’t grasp just how scary they really were. That isn’t the case after today. There were warnings all around and we had NO place to go. I really tried to act calm, but I sucked at it big time. My eyes were on fire, my hair was dripping dye-colored water everywhere and I had to act tough…No big deal, right? yeah, right.

Luckily the storms passed, leaving not one-but two awesome rainbows and a huge yard full of broken limbs. I’d rather wrestle with the Devil than experience a tornado-I experienced one when I was three-I remember hiding under the kitchen table while my dad stayed calm, sipping coffee and reading his newspaper as a huge tree crashed through the roof and into our back porch. Not a very fond memory, trust me.

So that was how we spent our Sunday- not to mention Internet Explorer went funny, and I was stuck with Firefox for a while-and regardless of the Firefox snobbery (and yes, I’ve had MANY arguments with Firefox lovers), I still don’t like using it-even if it does have a kazillion plug ins. Maybe I’m just a dork like that,ok?

So I’ve fixed the computer problem and can finally leave the two songs I wanted to leave for you last night.

Brainiac was one of my favorite bands about 14 years ago. I still love them, and I even drove to Dayton, Ohio to check out what sort of town produces that sort of band..  Unfortunately, the lead singer died in  1996, and never got the chance to show the world just how cool Brainiac really was. So, have a listen to my two favorite Brainiac tunes, and I’ve even left the lyrics for you too.

‘Look at me now, I’m a wreck’

How can you not adore a song that says something so simple, yet so significant?

I’ve got a boatload of emails to write, so don’t get pissy if I haven’t got back to you yet-after all, I could have died in a tornadoso be Sweet!

Your Loveable Drama Queen ~13

Brainiac lyrics

Fucking With the Altimeter

Fresh New Eyes


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