American Darkness (download)

So, it’s been one of those days…The kind of day you wish you could pause, rewind, stop, or simply fall asleep and forget about. The light of my day was listening to the finished version of American Darkness. Eric’s music brought the whole thing to life, of course. I spent the best part of the day fearing that I’d said too much-and that I needed to shorten the piece to half it’s size-but I couldn’t do it-what could I possibly not say after all?  So download it and tell us what you think. I’ll probably post again (much) later tonight and finally catch up on my emails. If you need help understanding my supposedly funny accent, you can get the words here. Hugs & Tugs~13

      American Darkness                                          


              American Darkness                         



One Reply to “American Darkness (download)”

  1. Electrifying. Like a mantle thrown upon the Time. Lucia, you seem like you recite right from behind the Stave. Good job.

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