Catnap bound

After a 24 hour working bingeAmerican Darkness is finished-perhaps…At least the writing is finished-the recording may not be. My silly internet accelerator kept screwing with the upload, so it took me about 6 hours to upload 9 MB so that Eric could toy with Darkness. Was fate conspiring against Darkness and her twisty little words?? No, I was just too tired to think clearly and turn the accelerator off. I AM such a dweeb.

But for the moment, it’s finished-as is the real Darkness-I’m off for one of my infamous extended catnaps…I’m still wroking on emails, by the way.

I will definitely post something better than this tonight, (if I ever wake up again, that is). ~13

P.S. Can someone tell me why it’s impossible to find Co-edikit things in bookstores anymore?


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