Soundtrack Song for the Day, Insomnia, and the Wickedly Cool Teacher


There were several times today when I  wanted to post little odds n’ ends, but I kept getting distracted . For now, I’ll just mention Familial insomnia, which plays a part in one of my short stories-but this is NO ordinary insomnia-this is the Godfather of sleep fears! Fatal insomnia is basically a state of being semi-awake, no dreams, no deep sleep, and you’re stuck there until eventually your body shuts down and you die. Now, how’s that for a chipper Tuesday quickie?

Ok and one other thing. I’ve left one of my favorite songs-Definitely an important song on the Soundtrack of Lucia . So have a listen, AND I’ve included the lyrics for you too-because the lyrics are perfect!!. [I told you my musical taste was all over the place, didn’t I?]  I’ll leave another one in a few days-perhaps even tomorrow, depending on time, of course.

Fun fact for the day: Did you know that besides being Dark Lucia, and roaming about making mischief, I’m also a ‘teacher’ for 6 hours or so on most weekdays? that’s right- Miss Vanilla Purity (Thanks Frank!) is also a teacher to a magnificant 16 year-old who doesn’t give a damn about the periodic table, elements, compounds, mixtures or even square roots. So it’s my job to fake enthusiasm and play Miss Snooty-Nosed  Strict-Teacher (MEstrict??) in order to give the impression that these particular subjects are fascinating to me and therefore should be fascinating to him too. Does this usually work? Hardly, but still well enough to maintain a solid 4.0 grade average, so I must be doing something right, yes?

Hugs & Kisses for now, and you better pay close attention because U never know when Miss Snooty is  going to spring a pop quiz on your backside! ~13

My soundtrack song for the day



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