Burn (download)

Burn is the story of the fading rock star, who is rapidly approaching middle age. His career is dying, he loathes his life and he’s completely out of touch with the world. One night he decides to have a look at his own website, something he hasn’t done in several years. While there, he has a peek at the forum, where he is obviously the topic of most threads. This isn’t easy, of course-especially when his age and failing appearance are the primary subjects. On a whim, he signs into the forum, under a badly contrived identity of course, and meets someone he hadn’t planned on meeting, as seems to often be the case. This is not a run-of-the-mill romance, this is more of a story about people who thrive on that particular heat you find in certain others, some times devouring one another into oblivion,. You’ll read the whole thing one day, it’s nearly finished and it’s been the easiest story I’ve ever written…. I chose this particular excerpt because it is so relative to the way people meet and present themselves to the world, especially when it’s a completely different world from the one they live in most of the time. Obviously the internet has become the local pub, where you can escape the wretched horrors of home and spill your sorrows or your dreams to the lonely soul next to you. The story, as a whole is most importantly about those truths and those secrets we all have and how we choose to hide or confess those to others.I enjoyed writing those awkward moments we’re always falling into, exposing those fragile selves we all have inside . So yes, it’s meant to be a bit humorous, in a sad way, maybe even make you smile … I’d love to know what you think of this. ~13




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