Answers, Links, Soundtracks and Fun with Charcoal

Ok, lets get into the hodge-podge of today’s goodies. Yes, I did say hodge-podge.

Today is day 1of 2 days of recording. I have a few things I need to do, like some voice-overs for video game movies, and Eric, the brilliant musician I’m working with has given me a perfect piece of music for Hold On. The song actually inspires me to write something new, something better than Hold On, but we’ll see what we have by tomorrow evening.

Also, sometimes it’s hard to email an answer to a question. I don’t mind questions at all-I’m just not always so good with the human interaction thing-especially if there’s just a question to answer, and I am trying to fix this. But for now, just let me answer a few things-and don’t stop emailing-just because I can be a bit shy-I really rely on your opinions about the things I do.

Giving up the Ghost was completely true-except I didn’t mention that I did visit her 2 years later. I snuck in and filmed her. We went up to her room and knocked three times on her balcony door. She, of course knocked three distinctive knocks and scared my company to tears. I suppose they’d believed I was exaggerating. I rarely ever write fiction-I just usually call it fiction to protect the innocent and the not  so innocent.

As far as reading Giving up the Ghost, I’m not sure I could bring it to life any better than it is at the moment-but we shall see. You have no idea how cool it is that you suggest things to me!
The character from If You have Ghosts is named Carlos. He chose the name when I ‘met’ him a few years ago. That’s how it works-they come to me and offer their services for my stories. And there’s no way I should give any more hints about Carlos. Where’s the fun in that? I will begin putting some excerpts up soon, so you’ll get to know him and decide what you think about him.

Now for the soundtrack stuff-It’s great to know I’m not alone in that.
My own soundtrack? That changes daily-for the most part. I’ll think about it and give you a list of the solid songs that never change. Lately, I’ve been listening to particular songs on repeat all night. A few days ago it was Nitemare Hippy Girl by Beck. I was emailing someone at the time and felt it completely necessary to copy the lyrics in their email. Unfortunately, they never mentioned them, so maybe I’m on my own with that one. But that’s how much I love music and that’s how …excited I get when songs really affect me. Usually, I go for the lyrics more than the music-lyrics that really, really mean something to me. I completely believe that songs can speak volumes when you can’t . I’m also completely open to trading music, so yeah, we can definitely do that. I love discovering new music.

And lately, I’ve gotten a few more public comments!! That’s great. I understand why it’s easier to email things-that’s why I leave my address, and trust me-I’ve left very few public comments for people myself. But it is cool to show the public ones off.

I know there’s more, but I got a bit distracted an hour or so ago, and misplaced my notes, so if I find them or remember something, I’ll update this.

Yesterday was a nice day (see, I’m not ‘always negative’, thank you!’) Last week I found  drawing paper that’s specifically for charcoal, very, very cheap, so I bought loads! Last night, I spent quite a while sketching and experimenting. I’m very new at using charcoal. I’m only on the advanced stick people level at the moment, but if I’m ever happy with my stick figure creations, we’ll have a show and tell.

Now, I’ve added one link so far. You should read Safetycopy‘s blog-he’s very cool and he can write like a madman-I’d love to read his ‘abstract’ piece for you. I think it’d be extremely erotic, this obvious male perspective read by a woman..So go have a look, please. There’s other links I’d like to add, so if you want to be linked-email me.

So, I’ve left the song that’s been on repeat for the whole night for you-it’s one of the most endearing songs I’ve ever heard and it’s a perfect example of how songs can speak for you. I’m not going to tell you what it is-just go here and listen to the whole thing-even if you’re already familiar with it. Play it-loudly, again and again-it’s that good. (and listen to the lyrics!!)
And if you like this idea, I’ll do it often-you can guarantee it’ll always be something different. Tell me what you think.

….Alright, I’ve said enough haven’t I?
I slept at least 10 hours yesterday, so I’m good to go for the next two days. Even my hair’s being wicked-I know its going to be a good day when it goes all twisty and Jim Morrison-y. Am I completely crazy to predict the outcome of my day by the waves in my hair??

Off To Work We Go…



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