Your Wicked ‘Wild Thing’ Magdalena

Hello U,

The feedback’s been wonderful this week: Stories, photos, music, even a priest from a different world, whose smile emits the most surreal peace and was kind enough to share visions of his world with me.

How much cooler could my week get?

I’m honored that  you feel comfortable enough to tell me your stories. and for the record, I’m a mix tape/(oops) mix ‘cd’ nut! Once I know you, you can guarantee I’ve compiled ‘your soundtrack’. So I would never think that’s geeky. I have a whole computer full of soundtracks for all sorts of purposes; I have several for writing, (most characters have their own soundtrack). Sadly at times the music completely distracts me and when morning comes, all I have are songs running around my head…like this morning, for example.

But I can’t complain, can I?

 I’m really excited about my spoken word project (the one I’ve been wanting to do for ages). I’ve found (actually he found me) a great musician who I’ve been talking to about different ideas. I’ll be so pleased if this goes somewhere! I’ve been doing spoken word for a very long time-primarily as a way to test the water for the things I’ve written, sometimes simply taking an excerpt from a story or an idea for a story.[Don’t be surprised if I do that from time to time in the next few weeks, since the inspiration has been coming easier than usual.]
I’ve always wanted my words merged with music, but I’ve had a very hard time finding someone who didn’t get distracted… My last site was called Magdalena’s Sanctum, and through that site I found all sorts of people and opportunities, even a punk group was in the works-with yours truly as the front lady (can you picture it? punk-rock-girl Lucia!!!). [Believe it or not, I have a mighty fine set of lungs. I used to want to be an opera singer before the teenage angst came calling.] Anyway, sometimes boys can be lazy, distracted creatures, so I ditched the whole thing. Then I heard Trent Reznor talking about his interest in the exact type of spoken word/music project I was looking for. So I tried all sorts of imaginative ways to contact him. Obviously, this was a few years ago-when things weren’t as easy as simply leaving a comment on someone’s site. So, I traveled (not physically, mind you) all over-even to Wales for leads to contact Mr Reznor, coming as close as a brief phone call with a member of Slipknot (No, I can’t remember which member-he was a friend of an acquaintance. He told me he and his band looked worse beneath the masks, but he was extremely sweet, so I doubt that.) Then I got discouraged with my search for Reznor and dropped the whole idea again. One of my fatal flaws- I get discouraged with what once seemed like a great idea, and then I ditch it. 

” She never gives out and she never gives in, she just changes her mind”

I went out yesterday, after several days of procrastination. I’ve finally replaced the dead printer. Nothing spectacular, a Cannon pixma something or other, whose primary purpose will be helping me organize my work a bit better than it is at the moment,(which is in a million different folders on two hard drives, not to mention the 30 or so notebooks with vital pieces of things as well ). I think I’m desperately in need of an assistant, Guys…That’s one of the things I’ve missed the most over the last couple of years…

While I was out, I stopped by the sad, local library. Sad because I know there are other people like me in this place, (surely?), and the library could be a lifeline to the real world for those people if there were a bigger selection.The librarians are great though, and somebody somewhere in charge of choosing the library’s new material is very cool-both Persepolis books were in before I even had to request them, not to mention the Death Note books, so the library is my favorite, and really only haunt, at the moment. For some reason, they all know me-even though I’m only there maybe twice a month. It’s cool to have someone bring the new Augusten Burroughs  book over to me without even having to ask for it. Perhaps it’s a bit creepy that people I don’t know-know me that well. Still, my strange charm usually takes care of any late fees and the one time renewal policy biz. Am I really the only wannabe writer in this ghost town with its grand population of 2,174 ?

Another interesting surprise this week, Tom Coffey left a comment on one of my older entries!! He’s the author of Blood Alley-If you haven’t read this yet, you really should. He has an incredible way of  bringing a story to life. When I’m writing something, it begins as a movie in my head. Mr Coffey shows us his movie flawlessly, guiding us through 1940s post-war New York City. It’s not pretty images he’s showing us, but extremely real, and in my opinion-real beats pretty’s ass any day… Go to:
I told the librarians that Mr Coffey had been kind enough to comment, and they were so impressed, they’ve moved Blood Alley to the ‘hot’ section, and decided to order more of his work. Oh the advantages of being the coolest geeky gal in this drowsy little town.

While we’re on the subject of books, I received an amazon gift card for my birthday (in January), and as usual, It’s taken me a very long time to figure out what I really, really wanted. In the end, this is what I chose:
The Monsters: Mary Shelley and the curse of Frankenstein- Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler
Notes from my Travels- Angelina Jolie
Running with scissors-Augusten Burroughs
Heavier Than Heaven: A biography of Kurt Cobain-Charles R. Cross
Ghost and Horror Stories of Ambrose Bierce

Of course these will have to wait in line with  Haruki Murakami ‘s Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, Augusten Borrough’s A Wolf at the Table, and Extremely loud & incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer.

One more bit of news: There’s a character in If You Have Ghosts that’s been extremely difficult  to fathom at times. This character, is the best friend/ constant companion/ soul mate for my main character. You’d think he’d be an easy fellow to grasp, considering he’s my ideal best pal, but this hasn’t been the case. He’s a ghost, you see, and we all know how hard it is to get a ghost to open up and let you in… Lately through my little observations-watching, listening and reading between the lines, I think I finally have him. I am pleased. Creature Comfort has also collected a few more characters for her plate, so ‘let the wild rumpus start’ (reading too much Sendak, you think?)
This weekend I’ll be here. Doing what I usually do…getting distracted more than I should and typing away furiously… and of course making mischief of one kind and another (more Sendak, more!) 

Where’s the laptop? It was accidentally murdered… the rain. So, I’m grounded for now. Of course I could always start the “Lucia needs a laptop” foundation. I could accept your gracious donations and to express my gratitude for my new toy, I could prance all over the world, typing away and snapping photos of my exciting adventures for you.
That really doesn’t sound like a bad idea, you know…

So here’s a small photo (notice it’s my ‘punk rock-tough girl Lucia ‘ look) from my Magdalena’s Sanctum (three or four years ago). This, my sistas, is a perfect example of why you should NOT chop off the Rapunzel-ish hair-just because life pelts you with a few million lemons. I miss it  terribly!!!


P.S.-Thank you for the compliments on Home. I’m glad you appreciated the background noise and my ‘ease with the mic’. You are brilliant.

                                                        I’ll eat you up, I love you so ~13


One Reply to “Your Wicked ‘Wild Thing’ Magdalena”

  1. Get off…. get off… get off… .. now… yes… right now… pleeeeaaaase.

    Joe Ken Gus Sighed, I still think you’re spreading yourself too thin. Not that being thin is bad; just don’t spread yourself, okay?

    So, this is where you hang out? Cool. Except for the black background. My eyes strain since I usually open 20 windows at a time and going from dark to light webpages is too much so I end up giving up on the dark ones.

    Well, I guess I’ll leave you hear to ‘finish’ up on your blogging. See around.

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