Home (download)

I wanted to leave you something this morning that I haven’t heard since I did it- a few years ago. Yes, the sound is pretty awful, and yes, you can hear all sorts of things going on in the background, but that’s one of the biggest reasons I like it so much now. It reminds me of the apartment I lived in (and absolutely loved), which was the tallest building on the whole block, and I had the entire attic (two separate apartments!!!) to myself . I loved sitting in my study, with the window open, listening to the city come to life after a long night of whatever crazy mess I’d been wrapped up in. If you listen well enough, you can hear these sounds. At the time, I was angry that they’d interrupted my recording, but now they sound precious to me. Also, you’ll notice that I’m obviously turning away from the microphone at times- I was looking out my window at the morning sky and yes, you can even hear my squeaky leather chair. All of these things are tiny tokens of the  way my life used to be. Also, this was not a written rehearsed piece, this was one of my genuine rants, (blame it on lack of sleep or sadness perhaps). I knew what I wanted to say to him, and I finally said it… This was the hardest piece I had done-to that point, because it was a dedication to my father, a colorful character that left my life when I was 4, and returned for a brief period when I was 8 and then again for the last time at 18. He died a few years after, but in his death, he left me the means to spend my 20’s and early 30’s  any way I wanted, I suppose as a reimbursement for his absence. I hope this helps you understand Home a bit better.
And yes, I was perhaps listening to far too many Kerouac recordings at the time, according to the strange accent I’d adapted at that point. That being said, enjoy a taste of my world. And you’re very welcome to leave your comments here-or if you’re still too shy, or it’s too personal, then email me, of course.
AND don’t tease about the way I pronounce ‘mirror’. I get that sometimes. ~13





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