Happy Monday (downloads)

 I told some of you that there’d be downloads on Tuesday, but two very short ones are up a day early. And they’re Mp3s (finally!)
I’d planned on putting Hold On  up, but am I happy with it? No. I still feel it needs music; It’s too ‘rushed’ on its own, which is a shame really, because I really, really love it.
Hold On speaks volumes for me…

I’ve  put up a passage from Venus In Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch  If you haven’t read this book, then perhaps this will spark your curiosity a little, and you’ll go out right NOW  and get a copy.

Above all other writers that I completely adore, Henry Miller has been the biggest inspiration for me-ever. I read Tropic of Cancer  when I was 18, and knew exactly what I wanted to do from that day forward. So, I’ve given you a perfect example of his simple, yet brilliant work. Again, if you haven’t read Henry Miller, then go NOW and buy his books-ALL of them!
                                                Trust me, U will be quizzed. ~13 


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