Hello U

There’s a few things I want to tell you, but as always, my mind goes blank the very moment I sit down here. Not to mention I’m doing too many things at once- But let’s give it a shot…

Ok, I’m ecstatic that some of you really enjoy the vocal offerings, but I do have other things to say too. And sometimes it’s easier to type it, rather than record it. Of course if I had my way, I’d record my entries almost always, but with the chaos that surrounds me, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable for you, I’m sure. So, I’ll do some more recording in a few days. Please don’t be snippy about it. If you don’t take the time to know me, then why would you care to hear me?

Yesterday, I went to a …..mall (gasp!) Though it was a bit like it used to be, it didn’t affect me as much as I thought it would, so that’s something, right? No one seemed to run away in fear. Also, I got a  ‘Misfits‘ shirt-which is very cool because it’s white and I’m actually fond of wearing white-despite that people believe I’m always in black. (I’m also very fond of earthy browns and deep blues and scarlet) So, even though I haven’t heard the Misfits in 18 years, it’s still kind of cool. There was an incredible storm on the ride home-with great bolts of lightning bleeding  into one another, and thunder that roared like a hungry God, and vibrated my body like a really good…. drum solo (what did U think I was going to say?)-it was Jesus-brilliant, honest.

I realize that I haven’t even told you about the projects I’m working on. My Journals tend to blend into one another, so I forget what I’ve said-and where I’ve said it. And to be honest, it’s very hard to describe your precious babies to someone in a few sentences, but I’ll try.

I’ve been working on Creature Comfort for 3 years. Sometimes, I get angry with her and put her away for a while, but she beats on the lid until I dig her up again. It’s too difficult to give you an accurate discription-Originally it was based on the Gnostic Sophia, who was condemned to this world, reborn again and again to suffer- (think Woman in Chains). The book is/will be several short stories from her men’s point of view, Men who have found Creature Comfort through their relationship with her, even if she destroys them in the process. Over time, Creature Comfort has become a story about the give and take, the push and pull between any two people involved in any type of relationship. I can’t preach Gnosticism right now, but it’s deeper and more believeable than the standard little black book. Besides, as we all know, sex and religion make interesting bedfellows-so Creature Comfort is very dear to me.

Mean Streak is also very important to me. She’s someone who manages to find unpleasant situations, everywhere. In order to finish her, I’m going to have to  go to those places I haven’t been since I was a child-those snake handling, river bed-speaking in tongue-places, which is a bit difficult for me to tackle at the moment. But lately I’ve been studying Glossolalia, which is fascinating (unless you’re a 6 year-old, then it’s unbelievably terrifying), and G has suggested I read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson because it has some relative subjects that may help me with her, though Mean Streak is definitely not a cyberpunk story. This character visits me most days, and insists she be heard.

The most important project doesn’t have an official name yet, but I call her If You Have Ghosts because I usually listen to John Wesley Harding’s If You Have Ghosts on repeat while working on her. This would make a great title, because from the outside, she is a ghost story, but from inside she’s purely autobiographical.

So there you have it-my little bag of goodies that are with me always. To be honest, I’ve been distracted lately, but I’ll know when to pick them up and continue. For now I’m primarily tending to the spoken work.

Speaking of little goodies, If You are a father, and you in NO WAY inflict harm upon your child(ren), then Happy Father’s Day.

I wanted to show you one of my favorite pictures ever: This was taken 15 years ago, in Spring Grove Cemetery, with my little lifesaver, Nile-who swears he doesn’t mind that his mom wears a Misfits shirt.

Later today, there’s a dinner for daddies at the elder’s home. Bet’cha 5 dollars there’s going to be trouble…and a story.

                                          Hugs, & Other Sweet Stuff~13




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