Hold On…


I can’t  tell if this hurts, or if it feels really good.
I can’t tell if I’m laughing, or if I’m crying.
Are you killing me, or teaching me?
Yes, nothing ever stays the same, but nothing’s ever felt like this before-
(fucking hold on)
I hang on your words, but you’ll never really know, because I’ll never really know why.
I know you’re there, but I’ll leave you shut out in the cold just a minute too long-while I adjust my crown, and put on a happy face:
Wicked Queen behind that Snow White smile-
I can do this, you know, but only for a little while.
Then I’ll fly off like a top- back into nothing, and leave you standing there below me, holding your breath like always-

Hold on…

                     please.                                          ~13






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