“I try to be as coy as I can but I wanna see your naughty bit”

****Updated: I’ve added links for both bands, I’m a real sweetheart,eh?

Well U little Sinners, how’d I know the title would get your attention?

If U haven’t heard ‘Polite Dance Song’, you really should check it out. . Brilliant lyrics, tucked softly beneath very subtle music. I nearly looked over it until I heard:
“Would You be nasty with me?
Do You like dancing with me?
I think we have a very special quality.”

And of course the title above is another charming line from the song. The group’s called The Bird and The Bee I should add a link, but I’m too lazy at the moment, maybe later.

I’ve also been listening to Does it Offend You, Yeah?/I’m not sure how to even describe this band… again,maybe I’ll add a link later. I love ‘Lets Make Out’ especially:

too many legs under the table.
too many reasons for trouble.

“I can’t control myself
when I see you there’s no one else
when I get down all by myself
you’re the one that I think about”

So there you go-2 hot recommendations. Hot, Hot, Hot!!
Perhaps I’m becoming friends with summer after all.
By the way, I updated my About page so have a look.

Lame entry, I know, but I’ve got a busy head at the moment- go find the two recommended songs and tell me what you think. And maybe I’ll leave something a bit more entertaining later. Maybe.
ONE last thing, I’m considering an audio blog-suggestions are welcome here or for the private people, darklucia13@yahoo.com
~ Naughty 13



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