Nocturnal House

Sleep was useless. I had a busy head this morning, I think I was waiting for the rain-which came, said ‘hello’, then left again. Perhaps it’s raindance time.

Around 7:00 this morning, I tried to fall asleep, (which isn’t something I particularly like doing anyway). A little after 11:00, I woke to a very dark, extremely humid atmosphere-much like the nocturnal house at the zoo-sans the barn owl and the stench of blood.

It’s not that it’s unusally hot, perhaps 80-something degrees, but it came out of nowhere yesterday, like when your mother comes unexpectedly, and you haven’t a clue how to deal with her. I mean, we were doing jackets a few mornings ago, and now there’s this humidity, which is transforming my already rebellious  bedhead tresses and waves into a medusa tangle of copulating serpents.

So, today is a very lazy day-I’ve spent the last hour or so lying on the bed, scribbling down ideas and details for a few stories, wishing for Cleopatra’s fan-bearers and sunshades.

aah, the thunder’s just started. Bliss



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